Name: Albert
Age: 5 (chronologically)
Episode: The Childhood Snatcher
Punishment: Getting turned into an old lady

Story Edit

Albert's father Amis wanted to be famous and when he couldn't archieve this on his own, he decided to have a child and turn it into a genius so that he could become famous through her. When Albert was born, Amis was very strict with her education and forbade her from doing anything childish, which resulted into the childhood snatcher taking away her youth and turning her into an old lady.

Physical Appearance Edit

As a child, Albert had a few strands of hair, which were taken away by the Childhood Snatcher and wore a business suit. As an old lady, she wore a blue gown.

Punishment Rating Edit

A = Too harsh, because the child has his/her own side to the story that was understandable.

B = Too harsh, but the child still needed a punishment.

C = The child got what he/she deserved.

D = The child should of been punished more.

E = No punishment required, the child's crime wasn't that serious / the child commited no crime.

Albert's rating: E

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