Plot Edit

The Crump Dumps, a family of wealthy people, go to Africa for a safari holiday and hire a guide named Raja, who knew all about wild animals, but when they see a family of elephants on the next corner, their children, Percy and Velinda, wish for one. Their mother, Mrs Crump Dump, refuses saying that there'll be none of them pooing on her new carpet. Velinda thinks that it's silly and Percy says that they could shoot it dead, which Mrs Crump Dump declines again, saying that it would smell. Velinda asks Mr Crump Dump for one while Percy says that it's only one, so Mr Crump Dump replies "We'll see.", hiding a very private smile. Raja warns them that shooting elephants is forbidden and Mr Crump Dump says that the will see. They then ride off and run over Raja's foot in the process, making him scream loudly in pain. Back at their house, their maid is spreading caviar on Valinda's toast for her to eat when the doorbell rings, Percy opens the door for the postman, who gives him a parcel, he puts it on the table while the maid is sweeping crumbs off Valinda's mouth with a brush, Valinda asks what it is, and their dad tells them to open it. They do so, uncovering an elephant foot and wonder what it is. Mrs Crump Dump exclaims that it's disgusting and Mr Crump Dump tells them what it is and says that couldn't bring the elephant back to England. Percy questions that it must be a three-legged baby elephant and Mr Crump Dump replies that it isn't walking because he shot it before putting it in the hall in front of the tiger-skin rug. One rainy day, Valinda wishes for it to stop raining before taking her umbrella out of the elephant foot. Her wish is granted and the sky becomes sunny again. Amazed at this, she exclaims that she can do magic, but Percy says that it was the elephant foot that did it before throwing her umbrella back in the foot and wishing that he was 20 feet tall. He grows so long that he cracks a hole in the celing a wishes that he wasn't and shortens back to his normal size. Velinda grabs her umbrella from the elephant foot, but can't think of anything else for a moment and finally wishes that she was wearing pink pants and the elephant foot grants her wish. The two children then like their new umbrella stand, unaware that magic isn't a toy. They then use it to get whatever they want until they have too much toys and run out of ideas to wish for and Velinda wishes what to think of next and takes an umbrella out of the elephant foot. She then decides to wish for the elephant they wanted, which Percy thinks is a bad idea, but she does so, wishing for it. This proves to be a mistake as the three-legged elephant walks to the edge of the stairs and begins wobbling. Velinda says that she ment it to have 4 legs and Percy tells her to send it back and wish for it to be gone, but she can't do anything and the elephant falls onto the two, killing them. At night time, their parents arive home and Mrs Crump Dump is shocked to find blood on her new carpet. But when they're in bed, they move out when the souls of Percy and Velinda disturb them.