Bogman is the fifth episode in the fourth series of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

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Helen is a shirker who always sneaks off to read comics in the toilet when the times comes to clear the table and wash the dishes. One day, as she is running out of the door after dinner with her brother Damien complaining that he has to do all of the work, Helen's mum warns her that if she doesn't do the washing up in future, then Bogman will come and get her.

Later that evening, when her dad is cooking supper, Helen asks him who Bogman is. Her dad explains that six months ago some sewage workers dug up the skeleton of a Stone Age man killed by a spear from the peat bogs beneath the houses, and that now this skeleton roams the sewers looking for the people who killed him.

The next day, Helen ignores her mum's warning and sneaks off to the loo after dinner. As she is sitting on the toilet, Bogman bursts up through the bowl in a fountain of peat and tries to take Helen prisoner, believing that having her as a hostage will get her dad to tell him where his killers are.

Downstairs, the kitchen is filling up with peaty mud. Realising that Helen is alone upstairs, Damien and his dad rush up to find Helen in Bogman's clutches. Damien quickly hands his dad a rolled up comic to swat him with, but as he brings the comic down it magically turns into a Stone Age spear which strikes down the caveman. With a cry Bogman disappears back down the toilet.

Later on, as the family cleans up the mess, Helen does more than her share of the work.

Moral Edit

The moral of this story is "Don't shirk your chores."

Do you think that Helen getting a scare was enough of a punishement for her past bad behaviour, or should she have been punished more?

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