Bogman was a character who appeared in the series 4 episode Bogman.

Description Edit

Bogman appeared to have been a very large man in life, easily twice the size of the other cavemen he was fighting, with shaggy black hair and beard. His resurrected skeleton was also oversized.

History Edit

Bogman was a Stone Age cavemen who was killed by four other cavemen with spears when he tried to steal their pig. Afterwards, his body sank into a peat bog.

Two thousand years later, sewer workers dug up his skeleton, who then went on to roam the sewers looking for his killers. When he overheard Helen's dad and mum tell her of him, Bogman came up through the toilet and tried to capture Helen to force Helen's dad to tell him where his killers were. Luckily for Helen, her brother Damien and her dad beat off Bogman with a magical Stone Age spear, putting the skeletal monster to rest for the final time.