Bunny Boy is the sixth episode of series 4 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

Characters Edit

Plot Edit

Bill is a naughty boy who refuses to eat his greens, despite his mother trying everything to get him to do so. Rather than eat vegetables, he feeds them to Tubs, a friendly rabbit who lives in the fields behind his house.

Eventually, she tries to force Bill to eat a huge cabbage, but the boy stuffs it under his shirt and cycles off to feed the veg to Tubs. However, he is so tired from his poor diet that he falls asleep on his bike, and both him and Tubs are chopped to little bits by Farmer Popple’s Combine Harvester.

The doctor and his student nurse try to put Bill back together again, but there were so many pieces that parts of Tubs got mixed in with the bits of Bill, and when the bandages come off, the boy is part human and part rabbit. Although on the plus side, at least now he eats his greens . . .

Moral Edit

  • The moral of this story is “always eat your vegetables.”