Candy Frightfully-Busy was a character who appeared in the series 1 episode The New Nanny.

Description Edit

A young but extremely badly-behaved child, Candy had frizzy black hair that sprouted from the top of her head. She was most often seen wearing a green dress with red patches and a white trim, and a pair of pink shoes.

History Edit

After Candy and her brother Tristram had tormented their first nanny Mrs. Mac, they then told lies about the poor woman to get her fired. They then proceeded to do the same to the two replacements sent by the Animal MacMagic nanny agency, a Snake and a Spider. However, the third nanny got the better of the terrible twosome: it swallowed the pair whole before laying them as eggs and hiding them away in the cupboard.

After Tristram and Candy’s eggs hatched, they were no longer such naughty children, and were now two of the most polite people you could ever hope to meet.

Family Edit