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This is Serena with Tristam and Candy on a bus.


Serena - She wears a pink shirt with a white collar, with blue dungarees. Her hair is light brown and she is a plus size girl. She constantly eats tons of chocolate and bullies her little sister Ellie-until she finally meets her grizzly end!

Ellie - She wears a green dress with a white necklace. She has nice blond hair, and she is very skinny compared to her older sister Serena.


  • This is the first episode to include one female as the victim.
  • Most the people in this episode are girls.
  • Tristam and Candy from The New Nanny are seen on this episode on the bus.
  • This is the same girl as Ethel from The Upset Stomach, they have just changed her hair and clothing colour.