The Doctor was a character who appeared in the series 4 episode Bunny Boy.

Description Edit

The doctor was a thin man with receding brown hair, and a sharp nose and chin. He wore a long white lab coat, pale green trousers, and brown shoes. The doctor also sported a stethoscope, and drove a pale green ambulance car with a green cross on the grille, green light on the roof and a siren.

History Edit

When Bill woke up in hospital wrapped in bandages after his accident with Farmer Popple's combine harvester, the doctor told him that his operation had been a complete success.

Later, when the doctor arrived at Bill's house, he told Bill's mum that he hadn't expected "one to take over." He confesses that after the accident, Bill and Tubs had been chopped into so many small pieces that he hadn't known which was which, and so had just done his best with the bits trying to stick Bill back together again. The doctor explained that he couldn't undo the rabbity parts, and that Bill was now no longer her son, and was in fact part-boy, part-rabbit.

Trivia Edit

  • The doctor's car bore the licence plate number of "DOC1"
  • The doctor had a student nurse to assist him in the hospital.