Donald’s Dad was a character which appeared in the series 3 episode The Pie Man.

Description Edit

A short man with a big belly, Donald’s dad was completely bald on top, but had a small, bushy ginger goatee and wore a pair of spectacles. He dressed in blue trousers and a violet shirt with a tank top, but was later seen wearing a blue wetsuit and scuba gear when diving in Loch Ness. Like the rest of his family, Donald’s dad spoke with a strong Scottish accent.

History Edit

When the nurse told his wife that Donald needed to stop sucking his thumb or he would receive a nasty visit from the Pie Man, they bought him a dummy to break his habit. However, this just created a different problem as Donald kept sucking on the dummy even when he was far too old for it.

Donald‘s mum and dad went to great lengths to get rid of his pacifier, but every time Donald managed to get it back. Finally, they chucked it into Loch Ness, where it was scooped up by Nessie and finally put beyond the reach of the boy. However, his parents were horrified to see that this just made Donald go back to sucking his thumb, so they jumped into the Loch and convinced the Monster to give it back, but by the time they got it he had decided that his thumbs tasted better anyway.

Try as they might, Donald’s parents could not get the boy to stop sucking on his thumbs, and sure enough the Pie Man arrived later that night to put an end to it himself . . .

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