Donald’s Mum was a character who appeared in the series 3 episode The Pie Man.

Description Edit

A woman of medium build with curly brown hair, Donald’s Mum sported a pale pink dress with a yellow collar and floral pattern, and wore bright pink lipstick. She was also seen wearing a purple wetsuit and scuba gear when trying to retrieve her son’s dummy from the Loch Ness Monster. Her accent was strong and Scottish.

History Edit

When Donald was born, the nurse told his mum that if the boy didn’t stop sucking his thumb then he would receive an unwelcome visit from the Pie Man, so she bought the child a dummy. However, this only created a different problem, as Donald kept sucking on his dummy even when he was far too old for that kind of behaviour.

Donald’s mum and dad did everything they could think of to get rid of the dummy, but Donald always managed to get it back. Finally, the exasperated woman threw the dummy into Loch Ness, where it was scooped up by the monster and given to its baby.

Unfortunately, this made Donald go back to sucking his thumb, despite the warnings of his parents, and the offer of the dummy which they had convinced Nessie to return, and later that night the boy was baked into a pie by the Pie Man as a punishment.

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