Farmer Tregowan’s Orchard the setting for the finale of the series 1 episode The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping.

Description Edit

Located in Kent in southeast England, to get to Farmer Tregowan’s orchard one must go past the woods, where it could be found next to the stream. Back in 1952, Farmer Tregowan grew apples in the orchard.

History Edit

In 1952 the Chipper Chums - a gang of friends who were out on a picnic - decided that it would be a great lark to steal some of Farmer Tregowan’s apples. Sneaking into the orchard, they ate some of the apples before being caught red-handed by the farmer.

When the man demanded they return his fruit, the Chipper Chums’ dog, Stinker, attacked him, so he shot it in the leg. Shortly after, the Chums all succumbed to the effects of the insecticide that Farmer Tregowan had sprayed on his apples, so he chucked their bodies into the cider press along with the apples.