Name: Garf McQueen
Age: 10
Episode: Wolf Child
Punnishment: Getting turned into a baby, then getting eaten by wolves

Story Edit

Wild wolves who ate babies used to live in Darnaway forest, the last of the wolves were killed by Egan Maqueen. Centuries later the wolves returned and they want revenge on Egan's desendents. Egan desendats are a family of 4 Callum McQueen, his wife Elsbit, their son Garf, and their new-born baby Moyra. Callum tells the family that Moyra must be taken care of, because the wolves want to snatch her. Garf is jelous of all of Moyra's attention, and starts acting like a baby. In a car ride his father tells him off for his behavier, and says the wolves may come for him. Garf ignores this, and the wolves attack him that night. Garf then wakes up in his own room, and thinks the insident is all a dream. However he turns into a baby, and then is eaten by the wolves.

Physical Appearence Edit

Garf is a ginger boy who is quite tall for his age. He doesn't seem to resemble his parents. He wears a green jumper with a pair of jeans.

Tragic Floor Edit

Garf was an only child for 10 years, however when his baby sister was born he lost all of his mother, and fathers attention. He wanted it back, but he could only think of one way to do it.

Punishment Rating Edit

A= Too harsh, because the child has his/her own side to the story that was understandable.

B= Too harsh, but the child still needed a punnishment.

C= The child got what he/she deserved.

D= The child should of been punnished more.

E= No punnishment requirred, the child's crime wasn't that serious/ the child commited no crime.

Garf's rating: A

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