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The boy and his Grandma

Grandmother's Footsteps is the fourth episode in series 1 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.


Young Jolyon is a boy who was scared of everything. He imagined the tree branch which knocked on his bedroom window to be a monster trying to get in, and that the cat under the bed was a beast which wanted to eat him. Jolyon’s Grandma made him feel better by reading him a story, but what Jolyon didn’t know was that his Grandma was actually a ghost!


Boy - The boy is suppose to be the boy who comes to the cinema. He is also the one who tells the story. He has short ginger hair, and wears his PJ's. But in the actual program, he wears a brown suit with a tie.

Jolyon - This boy is suppose to be a victim (just like the boy) who hears knocking on his window. He wears PJ's too, and he has long brown hair.

Grandma - The old woman has a weird-shaped face and one of her eyes is taken out during the episode.


  • In this episode, the boy tells the story, and Uncle Grizzly is the scared one watching the tale.
  • Unusually, nobody is punished in this episode.
  • Jolyon is made up.