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The opening title card.

'Grizzly Tales,Cautionary Tales for lovers of Squeam' is a revivied series of the original run It is noticeable for having Nigel Planer return as the narrator, Jamie Rix also returned (now Writer, Co-Director and Co-Producer.) Both Simon and Sara Bor return to the series. Unlike it's predecessor it uses CGI instead of the old stop-motion and a slightly sketchy 2D Animation. The Revived series is altered slightly as it is set in the Hot-Hell Darkness from the modern books and The Night-Night Porter taking the place of Uncle Grizzly.

Introduction. Edit

A young boy (who resembles the boy from the original series) wanders a cementary at night as a bat chases him he passes a sign saying 'Hot el', A lightning strike flashes as the sign now says 'Hot Hell'. The bat soon grabs an eye from a dead skull which a rat was about the feast on and continues to chase him. The boy hides behind a grave only to fall down a trap door leading into the Hot-Hell Darkness the boy slides down a shaft and lands on his feet into the hall of the gruesome place. An unpleasant laughter is heard as a dead crocodile breathes fire at the boy spelling out 'NARRATED BY NIGEL PLANER'. After this the Night-Night Porter enters and welcomes the boy by saying 'Wellcome to the Hot-Hell Darkness-Your room is ready-child.' He then guides the boy to his 'room' then slams the door behind him saying 'ENJOY YOUR STAY!' as he laughs and then walks away.