Name: Holly Hotlips
Age: 11
Episode: Kiss and make up

Punnishment: Getting turned ugly


Holly wants the boys to kiss her, but they won't because she looks too young. She wishes to look older. She is visuted by the two-faced-fairy. One face is good, and the other is bad. The good face gives Holly some makeup to look older. However Holly is worse than a 6-year-old at inserting makeup, and the boys run away. The good face gives Holly more makeup that night. The next morning Holly is teased more. Holly wishes that she never had any makeup on. That night she finds vanish in her room. She uses it to remove her makeup. The makeup is removed, and so is Holly's face. Holly calls for help that night. The good face tells Holly that she was tricked by the bad face. The bad face has traded its ugliness for Holly's natural beauty. Holly finds a new face under her pillow, she puts it on, but then finds she is stuck with the ugly face that belonged to the bad face on the 2 faced fairy forever.


Holly is a pale girl of an average height. She has bright orange hair, and oval shaped eyes. She wears a green jumper with a skirt.


Holly was vain, and a bit older than her years. She wanted to kiss the boys and have a boyfriend. Even if she was still a child and was too old for this stuff.


A= Too harsh, because the child has his/her own side to the story that was understandable.

B= Too harsh, but the child still needed a punnishment.

C= The child got what he/she deserved.

D= The child should of been punnished more

E= No punnishment requirred, the child's crime wasn't that serious/ the child commited no crime


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