Lazio's Lobster Restaurant was the setting for the finale of the series 6 episode The Lobster's Scream.

Description Edit

Lazio's Lobster Restaurant was a posh establishment that appeared to serve only lobster dishes. It had a fake lobster on display outside, a yellow-and-terracotta awning on the front, and a large tank full of lobsters inside for diners to choose which one to have. Lazio the Lobster Man advertised the restaurant by dressing up in a lobster costume and going door-to-door asking people to come and visit his restaurant.

History Edit

When her mum and dad took her out for dinner on her birthday, spoilt girl Shannon Shellfish ordered a lobster then refused to eat it. Hearing this, the poor cooked lobster called on his friends in the tank, and the patrons of Lazio's Lobster Restaurant looked on in horror as the other lobsters leapt from the tank and cooked Shannon in boiling water.

Trivia Edit

  • The actual name of this restaurant is never revealed, although Lazio the Lobster Man does state that it is his business.
  • At at the end of the episode, Shannon's dog can be seen peeing on the fake lobster outside the restaurant.