Lazio the Lobster Man was a character from the series 6 episode The Lobster's Scream.

Description Edit

When first seen, Lazio was wearing a bright red lobster costume, but then later in the episode he was decked out in chef's whites. Even when wearing the lobster costume, however, Lazio still wore the chef's hat. He also had a long, thin, curly black moustache.

History Edit

When Lazio knocked on Mr. and Mrs. Shellfish's door to advertise his new restaurant, their daughter Shannon decided that she wanted his lobster costume for her birthday. After Shannon threatened to poke both of his eyes out with a stick, Lazio agreed, under the condition that Shannon come to his restaurant, eat his food and pay his bill. Once Lazio had cooked the biggest lobster in the place for Shannon and she refused to eat it, the other lobsters instead cooked her in boiling water.

Trivia Edit