Mrs. Frightfully-Busy is a character who appeared in the series 1 episode The New Nanny.

Description Edit

A tall, thin woman, Mrs. Frightfully-Busy had medium-length blonde hair and a long, sharp nose. She was well-dressed in a green business suit with purple blouse, and wore a pair of large earrings and a pearl necklace.

History Edit

Mrs. Frightfully-Busy was a very busy woman who worked in a posh gift shop selling overpriced baubles. She had two terrible children, Tristram and Candy, who kept telling lies about their nannies to get them sacked. As a result, she had to keep calling the Animal MacMagic agency to get replacements.

After the latest nanny, a crocodile, gobbled the children up and layed them as eggs to teach them a lesson, Mr. and Mrs. Frightfully-Busy tried to boil the eggs for dinner before their children popped out with a much better attitude.

Family Edit