Mrs. Ratchet was a character who appeared in the series 1 episode Sweets.


A skinny and put-upon looking woman, Mrs. Ratchet has medium length wispy black hair. She wore an ankle-length green dress, and a long coat and hat of the same colour. Her shoes were a pale grey in colour.


The long-suffering Mrs. Ratchet had to visit the shops, so she went out with her two children Thomas and Emily in tow. As usual, Thomas acted appallingly and constantly demanded to be bought sweets. Of course, Mrs. Ratchet didn’t give in to the horrid brat’s demands, but did say that she might buy him some if he behaved himself. This wasn’t good enough for Thomas, however, and the little terror ran off in the huff.

Later, after Thomas had been turned into a shop dummy by the Sweet Shop Owner, Mrs. Ratchet didn’t even recognise her son standing in the window of one of the local stores.