The Pie Man was the titular character from the series 3 episode The Pie Man.


A thin fellow with a shock of white hair and a well-trimmed beard of the same colour, the Pie Man wore a white chef’s smock, a pair of pale grey gloves, and he got around by riding a bright red mountain bike. He was very well-spoken.

History Edit

The Pie Man was a man who would come to teach a lesson to children who continued to suck their thumbs even after being told off by their parents.

When young Donald ignored his mum and dad’s every effort to get him to stop sucking his thumb -he was far to old for that kind of nonsense - The Pie Man eventually arrived to make the boy mend his ways. Unable to get Donald to take his thumbs out of his mouth, he grabbed up the disobedient boy and baked him into a tasty pie, ensuring that Donald would never suck his thumb ever again!