Name:Rebecca Offendort Age:8 Episode:Rebecca who slammed doors for fun and perished miserably Punishment:Getting crushed to death by a marble bust and (presumably)getting buried. Story:Rebecca got her thrills from slamming doors.She gave no attention from those around her who were affected by her disturbing habit. One day,she chose to slam a door which had a heavy marble statue on the top of it.The slamming caused the statue to fall on the girl.The statue crushed her to death. Physical appearance:Rebecca has long straight orange hair with red highlights with some in a ponytail with a pink bow.She wears a frilly lime green dress with a purple sash,and pink polka dots (in a German airing,a pink sash and purple polka dots),white tights with purple and pink stripes and pink Mary Jane shoes. Punishment rating: A:Too harsh because the child has his/her own side to the story. B:Too harsh,but the child still needed a punishment. C:The child got what he/she deserved. D:The child should of been punished more. E:No punishment required,the child’s crime wasn’t that serious/the child committed no crime. Rebecca’s rating:C