This page offers a complete list of all episodes from series 1 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

  • 1) The New Nanny (first aired 4 January 2000): Young tearaways Tristram and Candy get taught a lesson by a crocodile disguised as a nanny.
  • 2) The Spaghetti Man (first aired 11 January 2000): Timothy won’t eat what his parents give him and gets a visit from an unusual chef.
  • 3) Grandmother's Footsteps (first aired 18 January 2000): Jolyon‘s imagination runs riot at bedtime, but is there really a ghost in the house?
  • 4) Death By Chocolate (first aired 25 January 2000): Bullying Serena gets what’s coming to her after eating a Sweet with a very special ingredient.
  • 5) The Wooden Hill (first aired 31 January 2000): Jack sees monsters lurking in every shadow when he goes to collect his bedtime story.
  • 6) A Tangled Web (first aired 7 February 2000): Nigel kills spiders for fun, but learns a lesson when ghostly arachnids pay him a visit.
  • 7) The Princess's Clothes (first aired 14 February 2000): Felicity will only wear the finest of clothes, but ends up being taught a lesson by a crafty old witch.
  • 8) Burgerskip (first aired 21 February 2000): Ruthless businesssman Oswald O’Burger gets his comeuppance after chopping down the Amazon rainforest.
  • 9) The Barber of Civil (first aired 28 February 2000): Tanya and Peregrine get taught a lesson in manners by a mysterious hairdresser.
  • 10) The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping (first aired 6 March 2000): A gang of naughty children get what’s coming to them after being caught stealing.
  • 11) The History Lesson (first aired 13 March 2000): Lazy Elizabeth accepts help in her exam from ghostly schoolgirl Penny.
  • 12) Sweets (first aired 20 March 2000): Thomas never does as his mother tells him, but ends up quiet as a shop dummy.
  • 13) Dr. Moribundus (first aired 27 March 2000): Lorelei keeps skiving off school, but a doctor with unusual methods puts a stop to this.