This page offers a complete list of all episodes from series 3.

1) The Upset Stomach (first aired 10 December 2002): Ethel buys a second stomach so that she can eat more at dinnertime, but after she throws it away, it returns to pay the girl back.

2) Knock Down Ginger (first aired 17 December 2002): When Ginger plays a prank on his elderly neighbour, the old man’s insect allies exact a gruesome revenge.

3) The Locked Door (first aired 24 December 2002)

4) Simon Sulk (first aired 30 December 2002)

5) The Urban Fox (first aired 7 January 2002)

6) When the Bed Bugs Bite (first aired 14 January 2003): Young Hannibal is a biter, but a mysterious woman transforms him into something he would never have wished for.

7) Spoilsport (first aired 21 January 2003)

8) The Pie Man (first aired 28 January 2003): Donald is a boy far too old to be sucking his thumb, but a visit from an unusual baker puts an end to his childish habit.

9) Head in the Clouds (first aired 4 February 2003)

10) Dirty Bertie (first aired 11 February 2003)

11) Crocodile Tears (first aired 18 February 2003)

12) Little Fingers (first aired 25 February 2003)