This page offers a complete list of all episodes in series 4 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

  • 2) It's Only a Game, Sport! (First aired 2 April 2004): Bruce will do anything to win a game, but ends up as a meal for the snakes after throwing one tantrum too many.
  • 4) The Gas Man Cometh (First aired 16 April 2004): Young Stefan won’t stop making prank telephone calls, but the mysterious Gas Man quickly puts an end to his shenanigans.
  • 5) Bogman (First aired 16 April 2004): Helen always skives off when chore-time comes around, but a visit from the body of a vengeful caveman makes her mend her ways.
  • 6) Bunny Boy (First aired 23 April 2004): Bill refuses to eat his greens, but an accident involving a combine harvester and a local rabbit quickly changes his mind.
  • 7) Bessy O'Messy (First aired 23 April 2004)
  • 8) Goblin Mountain (First aired 30 April 2004)
  • 9) Superstitious Nonsense (First aired 30 April 2004)
  • 10) Athlete's Foot (First aired 7 May 2004): Oliver always comes last at the races, but a pair of magical boots help him get his revenge on the local bully.
  • 11) The Stick Men (First aired 7 May 2004)
  • 12) The Grass Monkey (First aired 14 May 2004)
  • 13) The Top Hat (First aired 21 May 2004): Benjamin is taught a lesson in manners when a party magician traps the impertinent boy in his enchanted hat.
  • 14) The Decomposition of Delia Dethabridge (First aired 21 May 2004): Delia refuses to do her homework as she thinks she is so clever, but gets her comeuppance from a substitute teacher and an unusual essay.
  • 15) A Grizzly New Year’s Tale: The Crystal Eye (First aired 31 December 2004)