Stinker was a dog who appeared in the series 1 episode The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping.

Appearance Edit

Stinker was an average-sized brown dog with no distinguishing features.

History Edit

In Kent in 1952, Algy and his best friend Col formed a gang called the Chipper Chums with Stinker for the express purpose of having adventures and drinking ginger beer.

After the Chipper Chums went scrumping and Farmer Tregowan went to shoot at them with his shotgun, Stinker leapt to the Chum's defence, only for the farmer to shoot him instead.

Family Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Stinker used to ride on the back of Algy's bike, and was twice thrown over the handlebars when the Chums pulled up; once into a rabbit hole, and once into a stream.
  • Although Farmer Tregowan shot Stinker, he was later seen slinking around the shed with a bandage on his back leg.
  • Stinker was the only one of the Chipper Chums to survive the episode.