Not all tales in the books are adopted into an episode in the series. Some of them such as playing with fire, swearing with bad words and drinking especially full of violence and super scary and bloody. There are fewer tales are listed below:

1.The One Tailed, Two Footed, Three Bellied, Four Headed, Five Fingered, Six Chinned, Seven Winged, Eight Eyed, Nine Nosed, Ten Toothed Monster

2.The Black Knight

3.The Man with a Chip on his Shoulder

4.School Dinners (however it was renamed as Jamie's school dinners)

5.The Big Sleep

6.The Ghost of Christmas Turkeys Past

7.Guilt ghost

8.Rogues Gallery

9.The Matchstick Girl (banned in tv since it was similar to cartoons and delete scene of Spongebob)

10.Fast Food

11.Sock Shock


13.Beauty Statues (a bonus in Sickly sloths)

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