The Barber of Civil is the ninth episode of the first series of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

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The children of Saucy by Sea had the reputation of being the rudest children in the whole world, and the rudest of them all were Tanya and Peregrine. One day at school, Peregrine is sent to the headmaster for singing a horrible song to his teacher, while Tanya's gym teacher sends her to the headmaster as well for not taking part in gym class. The headmaster intends to make them say sorry, but the two are so cheeky to him that he faints.

The very next day, a new barber's shop opens in Saucy-by-Sea, with the new barber visiting all the schools and offering free haircuts to all the children. When he arrives at Tanya and Peregrine's school and sees how bad their behaviour is, he tells them both to come to his shop the next day.

When the pair arrive at the new shop, they find a shiny dentists chair and what looks to be a big glass jar of slugs, but no mirrors. Jokingly, Peregrine pretends to eat one of the slugs, but gets such a fright when the barber walks in that he accidentally swallows it. When he drops the jar and smashes it, they hear a thousand cheeky voices whispering in the air. Then the barber reveals to them that he doesn't cut hair, but that he does teach little children to keep a civil tongue in their heads, and that the jar wasn't full of slugs but the parts of children's tongues that make them so foul-mouthed.

When Tanya and Peregrine returned to school the following Monday they were different children, no longer bad mannered. The barber left Saucy-by-Sea that week, and was never seen again.

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  • The moral of this story is “be respectful to your elders.”

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  • The boy is fed a box of slugs by Uncle Grizzly in the introduction segment of this episode.


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