Names: The chipper Chums (Algy, Col, Stinker, Ginger, Alice, Sam)
Ages: 11 (Algy and Col) 13 (Sam and Ginger) 6 (Alice) 36 human years (Stinker; All estimated)
Episode: The Chipper Chums Go Scrumping
Punishment: Poisened by Farmer Trogouen and turned into Apple Cider (Algy, Col, Sam, Ginger, Alice). Shot, but survived and is presumably owned and mistreated by Farmer Trogouen (Stinker).


It was the summer holidays and Algy, Col and Stinker formed the Chipper Chums (a group interested in Adventures and Ginger Beer) with new found friends Ginger, Sam and Alice (though Alice was sometimes mistreated by the group as a member, probably due to her toy bear). One day, the group went for a picnic and ate right outside Farmer Trogouen's farm. After the picnic, the gang slept on top of each other due to the food tasting good. Then, the group proceeded to steal apples from Trogouen after a failed attempt to claim fishing as their adventure.

Onwards, the group stole Trogouen's apples, but were caught by the farmer. Trogouen proceeded to shoot Stinker's leg, not let the group go, and grab Alice. He revealed that he wants ALL of his apples to make his cider, and since the group ate the apples, he must SQUEEZE them out. Then it was revealed that Trogouen poisoned the apples with insecticide, killing the group (and, sadly, Alice). It was then revealed that Stinker survived his shot, but now presumably lives with Trogouen, abused and neglected for the rest of his life.

And what happened to the Chipper Chum's corpses? Well, Trogouen got back his apples with a ten tonne cider queen and turned the corpses into Apple Cider, released on the year the group died (which is, surprisingly, 1952).

Punishment rating: A (Stinker Alice Sam, Col Algy and Ginger)

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