The Dumb Klutzes is the eighth episode of the sixth series of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

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The village of Dork, in the land of Stargazypie, is the home to the biggest bunch of twits in the world, and the worst of these are the Klutz family. For example, Mr. Klutz and Mrs. Klutz believe that sticking wasp stings into your feet makes you beautiful, just because the newspaper says so. Hearing this, Baby Klutz sticks a wasp sting into her foot to look more beautiful, but it only makes her cry.

One day, there is a terrible thunderstorm. The Schoolteacher, believing that water makes things grow, stands the smallest children out in the rain to make them bigger. At the height of the storm a stranger appears, and the rain suddenly stops. Although for no reason the Dorks want to kick him, smother him in pig's grease and chop his head off, Mr. Scoffman the cobbler, the only sensible person in the village, asks him who he is. The stranger claims to be the son of The Almighty Wish-Bringer in the Sky, and he comes with a message: that for one day only, his father will grant them each one wish, which could be anything that they want. Only Mr. Scoffman doesn't believe that the stranger isn't a conman.

The stranger then goes on to explain that his father will only grant their wishes if they first smash all of their mirrors and scatter all of the pieces in a circle around their village, then take their shoes off and burn them. Mr. Scoffman thinks that the stranger is up to something, but when he protests, the Dorks banish him from their village.

The very last thing that the stranger wants the Dorks to do for his father is to cover themselves in either mustard or tomato ketchup, explaining that he likes both. Mr. Scoffman shouts to the Dorks that The Mighty Wish-Bringer in the Sky is going to eat them, but nobody can hear him. However, when the Dorks ask the stranger why they should do this, they believe him when he tells them that his father has a sensitive nose and so doesn't like the smell of people, and the sauces will cover up the smell.

When the Almighty Wish Bringer in the Sky does arrive shortly afterwards, he turns out to be a giant green cyclops with bad breath who does want to eat all of the villagers after all. Unable to get out of their town because of the broken mirrors, and covered in tasty sauce, the giant eats up every single person in Dork.

One week later, Mr. Scoffman moves back to the village and renames it Scoff, although now he is the only person living there.

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  • The morals of this story are "Don't be greedy" and "be careful about taking advice from those you don’t know."

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Do you think that Mr. Scoffman should have tried harder to stop the Almighty Wish-Bringer in the Sky eating the Dorks, or was he better off without them?

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