The Gas Man Cometh is the fourth episode of the fourth series of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

Characters Edit

Plot Edit

Young telephone prankster Stefan is a master of deceit. His pranks include tricking the school dinner ladies into thinking that he is Michael Caine to get a steak dinner, trying to get the headmistress to let him off school for the week, and laughing at nice people with unfortunate names, such as Mr. Smelly.

Soon, Stefan starts to get phone calls himself, warnings to stop making prank calls, but by now he has become a prank call addict, so he pays them no attention. Several nuisance calls later, and a man calling himself the Gas Man phones Stefan and offers to give him some helium, telling him that having a squeaky voice will make his pranks much better. Stefan jumps at the chance, and the Gas Man says that he will be over to deliver it the next day.

The following morning, Stefan bunks off school and waits in his house for the Gas Man. Sure enough, the Gas Man arrives and gives the cheeky boy his helium and Stefan puts it to use straight away, pretending to be the Queen. However, what Stefan doesn't realise is that every breath of helium he takes makes his body lighter, and before long he's floating off into outer space. Stefan manages to grab hold of a passing telephone satellite, and as he does so, his mobile phone rings. The voice of the Gas Man tells him "Game over, Stefan. You lose" just as Stefan's battery dies, leaving the boy crying and floating in space forever.

Moral Edit

The moral of this story is “don’t make prank phone calls.”