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The New Nanny is the first ever episode of Grizzly Tales For Gruesome Kids. The episode aired on Jan 4th 2000. A boy and girl named Tristram and Candy are mean to their nannies but they don't know what's coming to them.


Mr Frightfullybusy and Mrs Frightfully busy are off to work, meanwhile Tristram and Candy are being mean to nanny old Mrs Mac. Tristram and Candy's parents come home and hear lies from their children which makes them phone another nanny. A snake comes to the door the next day and Tristram and Candy are scared of it until it tells them it's here to look after them, then they do horrible things to it and it runs out screaming. Tristram and Candy's parents come home again to hear more lies. The next day a spider comes so Tristram and Candy flush it down the plug hole in the bath. Tristram and Candy's parents come home again to hear more lies. The next day a crocodile comes and eats them. Tristram and Candy's parents come home again to see two green eggs which they take upstairs to cook for dinner the eggs hatch and out pops Tristram and Candy. The parents where surprised to see the children then there was a knock at the door. It was old mrs mac who was surprised to hear the children say "Yes Please" when she asked if she could come back. when Mr Frightfullybusy picks up old Mrs Mac's suitcases there was one with snake skin one with spider fur and one with crocodile skin.


  • This episode is probably the most popular episode.
  • This is the first episode to include echoing in the background at the start while Uncle Grizzly (Cinema Owner) is talking.
  • This was also the first episode written.

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