The Top Hat is the thirteenth episode in series 4 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.


  • Benjamin
  • The Magician


Benjamin is the most spoiled and greedy toddler in the world. The toddler changes into a child, and like his toddler self, Benjamin is so spoiled that he doesn't even take care of gifts! One day, it's his birthday. After a magic show, Benjamin steals a top hat that grants wishes. After lots of wishing, the owner comes calling. His parents wish that he wasn't there and a hand appears and pops him head first into the top hat! To this day he's still there, and only says sorry...


  • Benjamin was never seen again,but is mentioned to be in the top hat somewhere . . .
  • Among the things that the boy wished for was a flying bunny with angel wings, two sweet jars, a brown football, a laptop, a race track with cars, a tv, a bike, dogs and more!