The Upset Stomach is the first episode in series 3 of Grizzly Tales for Gruesome Kids.

Plot Edit

The girl in this episode is called Ethel Turnip, who could never get enough food. She wants another stomach, so she can eat twice as much food; she gets one, but refuses to wait until Christmas Morning, and opens it then and there. She names it Rover, and treats it like a dog.

Soon, however, she gets annoyed by its constant attention, so she throws it in some mud in the countryside. Rover starts to devour cows, sheep, and anything that gets in its path!

Finally, it reaches Ethel's house, so her father thinks it had indigestion, but it hadn't. It ate her, leaving only her shoes.

Deaths Edit

  1. Several animals are covered in acid by Ethel's stomach before being eaten by it.
  2. The stomach eats Ethel up.