Name: Tristam and Candy Frightfully Busy
Age: 5 and 2 (estimated)
Episode: The New Nanny, Death By Chocolate (Cameo/Minor Appearance)
Punishment: Getting eaten by an alligator, getting turned into eggs and (presumably) getting eaten by all the animal nannies

Story Edit

When their parents left for work, Tristam and Candy spend their days harrassing their nanny, Old Mrs. Mac Tristam and Candy until they lied to their parents, telling them that the nanny beat them with golf clubs and got her fired.

Mrs. Frightfully Busy then hired animal nannies that specialized in children "too diffucult to handle", Tristam and Candy managed to scare away the Snake Nanny and get the Spider Nanny fired like they did with Mrs. Mac until the Animal Nanny Agency send a crocodile, which ate them.

When Mr. and Mrs. Frightfully Busy came back come they couldn't find the kids but instead they found two big eggs in a wardrobe and tried to boil them for dinner, until the eggs hatched and out came the terrified Tristam and Candy.

Their mother scooped them up in her arms and asked what happened, the kids confessed that they were rude and nasty to their nanny so she ate them while making their parents proud for telling the truth.

Immediately after that, Old Mrs. Mac arrives to the household and ask if Mr. and Mrs. Frightfully Busy got a new nanny for the kids. The parents say no and rehire her. However, it turns out Mrs. Mac brought along all the Animal Nannies with her, disguising as her luggage, much to Tristam and Candy's horror.

It's unknown what happened to the siblings after that, allthough they appear sitting next to Serena Slurp on a bus in a later episode Death by Chocolate

Physical Appearance Edit

Tristam is a small boy with the same black hair as his father. He wears a blue and red striped shirt, blue shorts, white socks and orange shoes.

Candy is at least two years younger than her brother. She has very few teeth and hair. She wears a frilly lime green dress with pink polka-dots, while socks and pink mary-jane shoes.  

Punishment Rating Edit

A = Too harsh, because the child has his/her own side to the story that was understandable.

B = Too harsh, but the child still needed a punishment.

C = The child got what he/she deserved.

D = The child should of been punished more.

E = No punishment required, the child's crime wasn't that serious / the child commited no crime.

Tristam and Candy's rating: B

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